Zelco Outi Bone Conducting Headphone Earbuds White


  • Because of there unique design they are not inserted into the ear, they avoid damaging the listener’s hearing as past generations of earphones have.
  • Outi earphones plug into any MP3, iPod, portable CD and DVD player, most cell phones, gaming systems, radios or any other audio/visual device with a 3.5mm jack.
  • Comes with Outi amplifier with 4-step switch (off/low/medium/high), a clip to attach amplifier to clothing or bag/backpack, USB cable to charge Outi from your laptop, AC adapter to charge Outi at home, and a storage pouch.
  • Available only in White


Outi earphones clip comfortably and securely outside the ears for the new look and feel of sound. By transmitting vibrations through the skin and cartilage, they create a dynamic new sensual, surround sound that doesn’t just let the listener watch a movie on the go, it lets them be a part of it; that doesn’t just let them listen to music, it lets them feel every beat of it; and it does it without blocking out conversation and sounds of impending danger.Buy Zelco Outi Bone Conducting Headphone Earbuds White from My Gear Store